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Scuba and snorkeling are unique activities in that they are exciting not only for children: diving school is a thrilling challenge for parents, too. Adults and children alike stay interested in learning important diving skills through fun courses. Then the whole family – children, adults and best agers - is able to hop into some of the world’s most gratifying waters, together. The unifying quality of scuba is often overlooked, but diving vacations can be some of the most enjoyable and bonding times that a family can have.


Terms diving for a day:

- One day diving consists of two dives, and the third dive is possible at extra cost
- For our day trip cruise our boat is leaving from diving center LumbardaBlue between 9:00 am and 09:30 am and return between 16:30 and 17:00; time departure may change depending on the year; half-day trips with the boat returns to the diving center between 12:30 and 13:00; for special trips during the trip is arranged in the center
- Maximum diving depth is determined by certified divers license
- Dive packages do not need to be carried out on a certain day
- On every dive trip from a boat or from shore the first day dives in the diving location near the center.
People who want to dive with mask and snorkel, and other passengers on board, require space on the board and therefore should observe the following rules:
- Diving with a mask and snorkel is permitted only when the instructor on board who will oversee
- Snorkelling can dive only in locations that have a quay
There is a possibility that they will ask you check dive or repeat diving skills depending on your level and diving experience. These are the basic rules that can be adjusted each diver.
It is strictly forbidden to dive alone.

Working Hours


Things you need to bring with you:
- Certificates
- Diving booklet / instructions or documentation for SSI refferrals
- Voucher (confirmation of booking)
- Diving equipment
- Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen
- Money for food and drink


- All divers must show a valid certificate and diving book
- You can request a check diving depending on your diving level and experience
To dive the wreck of a steamboat Garda or Maysan archaeological site must have a degree of SSI Advanced Open Water Diver or higher than that, or the equivalent of that.
Refunds depend on the number of canceled days, not on the quality or quantity.
For more serious cases of Dubrovnik there is a hospital and a private medical center. Please keep in mind that you have to pay for medical services if you do not have medical insurance.

Cancellation Model: Economic

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Your host Dalibor Ćosović

Dalibor Ćosović

I love to travel ,meet new people and Love Scuba diving. Dalibor is a Diving instructor and works as a manager in the Diving Center Lumbardablue. Until yesterday sailed the world's oceans as an Engineer officer.

Place: Lumbarda,Island Korčula,Croatia, HR

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